Welcome to St George´s Special School

WelcomeTo OurSchool

Welcome To Our School.

In the community of St George’s School everyone is important. It is a place where everyone feels welcome, has a voice and is included. Our school is a safe place to achieve and have fun. We learn to make choices for now and the future. We do our personal best and celebrate our achievements however large or small. As a team we experience the world.

Welcome to St George’s School website. I hope you find the contents useful and informative. St George’s School is the only maintained secondary special school on the Isle of Wight for students with Severe and Complex Needs. As such we are a whole island resource and we take students with a very broad range of needs – Severe Learning Disability, Moderate Learning Disability, Profound and Multiple Learning Disability, Autistic Spectrum Disorder etc. We group students according to age and need type first and foremost. We are not however in charge of our own admissions. If you have an admission query please use this link to view the Local Authority Policy or contact the SEN Department at County Hall

Students at St George’s access a broad and balanced curriculum with a bias towards functionality and practical skills. We work towards developing the whole person and believe that learning is lifelong. As a consequence we reinforce learning in the community and endeavor to teach the students to become as self-reliant and independent as possible. Teaching and learning is individual centered. We design our learning environments and adapt our teaching styles as appropriate to the needs of a group or individual. We set and achieve high standards with our students through challenging and appropriate targets.

Our staff team are our greatest resource and shall be treated as such. They are highly skilled at what they do and are constantly striving to make improvements to the service we provide. For this reason we listen to students and stakeholders and endeavor to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation. We work very closely with a whole raft of other professionals and believe strongly in our mission statement – Together We Achieve.

We aim to promote personal, social, moral, spiritual and cultural development, encourage creativity, raise self-esteem and inspire self-discipline and consideration for others regardless of race, gender, age or disability.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to visit the school or if you have a query regarding your child.

Sue Holman

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