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Achiever’s Awards 2020

Dear All,

Hello to all of our Leavers this year! Much to our dismay we are unable to send you off with the
usual Achiever’s Evening and Awards Ceremony this year, hence this online Awards Celebration instead.
First of all, we would just like to say Well Done—you have all achieved so much during your time at St George’s School, and each and every one of you will carry our pride with you on your journey to the next stages of your lives.
And now a word from Sue Holman, Head Teacher.

Dear All,
I am so sorry that we are not able to hold our
Achiever’s Evening Award Ceremony this year. It is an important night for those young people and their families who are leaving us. It is the school’s chance to thank you for sharing your son or daughter with us for the time they have been at St. George’s and for the partnership working we have enjoyed with you in preparing your child to go out into the wider world. We are proud of each and every one of our students and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. We couldn’t let you go however without celebrating your successes so here are our award choices for 2020.

The Award for English 2020 goes to Olivia Ferrari who has worked incredibly hard and achieved well over time.

Olivia Ferrari

The Award for Maths 2020 goes to Leo Dennis for overall great improvement and improved confidence.

The Award for Animal Care 2020 goes jointly to Owen
Alexander and Leo Dennis for their dedication and care.

Owen Alexander

The Award for Car Maintenance 2020 goes to Owen
Alexander for his hard work and concentration.

Owen Alexander

The Award for Hospitality 2020 goes to Troy Curtis Allen for independence and hard work.

Troy Curtis Allen

The Award for Performing Arts 2020 goes to Sam Michie for improved Acting ability, hard work and Confidence.

Sam Michie

The Award for Construction 2020 goes to Kayleigh Wright for her concentration and hard work.

Kayleigh Wright

The Award for Sport 2020 goes to Zac Lacey for his achievement in sport in the wider community.

Zac Lacey

The Art Tutor’s Award for 2020 goes to Olivia Eden
Millmore for her dedication to Art and great artwork.

Olivia Eden Millmore

The Award for Personal and Social Development 2020 goes to Lisa Palmer for her continued improvement in this area.

Lisa Palmer

The Hair and Beauty Tutor’s Award 2020 goes to Maisie Davies for her continued hard work and dedication.

Maisie Davies

The Award for Engagement and Interaction 2020 goes to Matthew Bond for continued improvement.

Matthew Bond

The Award for Work Experience 2020 goes to Bethany Davies for her extremely successful placement at the
Isobel Café.

Bethany Davies

The Award for commitment to Horticulture and the
Environment 2020 goes to Matthew Churches for his hard work and dedication.

Matthew Churches

The Ecclestone George Award for commitment and Achievement 2020 goes to Sam Michie for his work in
Performing Arts.

Sam Michie

The ASD Award for Progress and Independence 2020 goes to Matthew Bond.

Matthew Bond

The Award for Improvement in Communication and Inter-action 2020 goes to Sam Bell.

Sam Bell

The Sparkle and Shine Award 2020 goes to Sam Bell for his sheer enthusiasm for Hair and Beauty.

Sam Bell

The Award for Success in the Community 2020 goes to
Lisa Palmer.

Lisa Palmer

The Award for Outstanding Effort in Sport and PE 2020 goes to Matthew Thompson who has represented the school in various sporting events both on the Island and Mainland.

Matthew Thompson

The Bardon Vectis Award for Construction 2020 goes to Adam Richardson for his amazing work in woodwork.

The Vectis Sunrise Rotary Art Award 2020 goes to Olivia Ferrari for her outstanding effort in Art.

Olivia Ferrari

The Novum Law Award for Community Spirit 2020 goes to Matthew Churches for his kind and considerate
behaviour to everyone.

Matthew Churches

The Governor’s Award for Enterprise 2020 goes to Adam Richardson who has taken part in many fundraising
ventures with both school and the Scouts.

Deputy Head’s Award 2020
This year I have decided to give the Deputy Head Teachers Award to a young man who has really impressed me since joining St George’s in September 2017. This student joined our 6th Form provision and was a very quiet young man, quite anxious and understandably nervous about joining our school.
However, over the last three years I have seen him grow in
confidence and become less anxious. This was particularly
noticeable during the Key Stage 5 Residential at Stoats Farm with Island Adventure Activities in the summer of 2019 when this student joined us every day and took part in some very challenging activities both in the sea and on land. The increase in confidence was very clear and this student tried his best at all times. In 2020 this young man’s confidence and maturity has continued to grow and I am pleased to say that this year the Deputy Head Teacher Award is going to Matthew Churches. Well done Matt we are all very proud of you and wish you the best of luck as you move on to the next chapter of your education.
Steff Gleeson

Matthew Churches

Head Teacher’s Award 2020
This year my Headteacher Award goes to 2 young people who I have admired but for different reasons.
The first young man is Sam Michie. Sam has to overcome
medical difficulties which impact on his day to day life. This has not stopped him however, especially in his love of performing arts. He has taken lead roles in our school shows and has carried on regardless of adversity. He shows great courage in all he does and as a result has achieved so much both academically and socially.

Sam Michie

The second young man is Adam Richardson. Adam came to us after a very difficult start to his life. He has gone from strength to strength de-spite little formal primary education. He is a talented sportsman, his tenacity and work ethic is something to be admired and his skill in woodwork is astounding.
Both young men are inspirational and it has been my pleasure to watch them grow, develop and mature in the time they have been at St. George’s. Well done to you both and thank you to both families for working with us so well over the years.
Sue Holman