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Weekly Challenge 29.6.20

Who can travel the furthest in 1hr?





Challenge for St Georges School community:

This challenge is quite simple, you have an hour and you need to see how far you can travel in this time. The hour can be in one go or split into smaller chunks over the next 4 days!

You cannot travel by bus, train or car and you must produce a map of where you have travelled (the more creative the map the better, may win you extra points!). If you require assistance, i.e. someone to help you walk or push your wheelchair then that is fine, we are obviously aware of different levels of fitness and mobility through school and will of course take this into account when looking at the results so please don’t let this stop you from joining in!

 If you are currently limited to where you can travel this could be a route around the house/garden, climbing the stairs, using a treadmill or exercise bike, following a measured trail around the house, be as creative as you like!

Please send a picture of your travels, your map or evidence of the distance you’ve travelled. Feel free to get brothers, Sisters, Parents, Grandparents, Children involved and please entries to bekki.mann@stgeorges.iow.sch.uk by 12 noon Thursday 2nd July.