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Science – Volcano challenge

Any household or classroom items

Challenge for St Georges School community:

This challenge is for you to design and create the best volcano you can, using any unwanted stuff within your classrooms or houses. Once you have created your volcano, you can decide whether you would like to include a volcanic explosion within your entry (the bigger the better and it is advised that the explosions should take place outside with adult supervision).

Extra consideration may be given for:
• Volcanoes made using as much recyclable material as possible (you may wish to include a resource list).
• Planning – including a plan of how you will create your volcano.
• Showing structure of the inside formation of a volcano
• Reference or similarities to real life volcanoes around the world.
• Describing how you make your eruption if you choose to include one.

Please send a picture (please do not send videos unless you are working in school and can add them to the challenge folder) of your volcano some evidence of the destruction your volcano has left behind. Feel free to get brothers, Sisters, Parents, Grandparents, Children involved and please entries to bekki.mann@stgeorges.iow.sch.uk by 12 noon Thursday 9th July.