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Weekly Challenge Results!

This week our challenge was to create a game.

Here are the results!

Special Award for Educational usefulness. Bubble 1

‘we took this week’s challenge as an opportunity to teach our students more about washing hands and to try to make it into a fun thing to do.’

Special Award because we have been watching this series. Bubble 5

‘Each student created their own Monopoly game including the chance, community cards and all the locations. They linked it to their English book “A series of unfortunate events”. They had also created their own currency in maths and some of them used this currency in their game.’

Class Winner for individual effort and making all of these cool games. Bubble 4

TT ‘Luigi’s Mansion Ghost Hunt’, involved following clues and searching for ghosts hidden around the school grounds to gain points.

CG ‘General Knowledge Shoot Out’, involved answering questions in order to have a shot at goal and score a point.

AM ‘Angel’s Amazing Fun Can Knock-Down Game’, involved knocking cans down with a ball and scoring points for your efforts.

EM ‘Peppa Pig Cluedo Game’, involved playing a Peppa Pig Murder Mystery Game, using clues to work out the Murder place, Murder Weapon and ‘Who Done It?’, and solving who killed Peppa Pig!

LM ‘Spelling Basketball Game’, involved spelling words given before taking a shot at the basketball hoop to score a point. The words and basketball shot got longer and more difficult through the game.

Special Award for linking the game to the school community. Bubble 2

Our challenge was to make a game, and as our school is such a wonderful place to be, we decided to make a board game about St George’s school!

‘The aim of the game is to arrive at school and get to home time the quickest by answering questions about the school and staff. You start the game by arriving at school. The winner is the one who gets to go home first.’

Special Award for thinking outside the box. Bubble 10

We devised an escape room for this week’s challenge (it will be available for others to enjoy in future….when we are allowed into each other’s spaces again!).

Special Award for following a storyline in the game. Home Learning Bubble

AK ‘based on her love for the sitcom “Friends “.
You navigate the board by answering trivia questions about the series and characters. Get a question right and you get to move. Wrong and you stay put.
The winner is the first to the coffee shop!’

Overall winner. Bubble 6

Flamingo Croquet
‘have been watching Alice in Wonderland and took inspiration from the film to create their own version of Flamingo Croquet.’