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Autumn Term 2020 Local Authority Funded Home to School Transport

Dear Parent
We are writing to all parents with children attending Medina House or St George’s
Schools who use Local Authority funded transport arrangements to get to and from
We are planning for September when all children are expected to be attending their
specialist provision. The Department for Education (DFE) has advised that social
distancing will not apply to local authority contracted services. The transport service
utilises a variety of vehicles, many specialised, so that they best support the children
travelling. The principle behind loading vehicles is that we sensibly use all the
capacity across our whole ‘fleet’. 
We expect to use all our vehicles in the Autumn term, we are not sure if the ‘new
rules’ will allow all vehicles to run with their current optimal capacity. Where it is
appropriate, we will ask our operators to help by double running their vehicles, when
that works with how schools have organised their day. Recognising that travelling in
shared transport might make children with medical conditions more vulnerable, and in
order to help us maximise the capacity of available transport, we plan to make an
offer of parental mileage allowances in the Autumn Term 2020.  
A parental mileage allowance is a financial re-imbursement for parents and carers
who transport their child to and from school each day. Where parental mileage
allowances are mutually agreed, we reimburse mileage from home to school and
back home again, twice a day (two round trips in total). These journeys can be
undertaken by a parent, carer, friend or family member. Parental mileage allowances during the autumn term will be paid directly to a family in advance, on a monthly

An indication of how much could be paid for the term is set out below:

Miles from your home to school    Approximate amount for Autumn term
3 miles £302.40
5 miles £504
10 miles £1008
(amount based on 72 days over 4 months, please note these figures do not take into
account any individual school inset days)
A parental mileage allowance for just the Autumn term offers you, your child and the school the following benefits:

 A safe, exclusive transport arrangement for your child to travel to school; 
 Control over your child’s pick-up and drop off times to better suit your family
needs and match the way the school is organising its day;
 The opportunity for your child to take part in extra curricula activities that may
be possible during the Autumn Term.

If you want to take advantage of this offer please email
immediately, providing a telephone number and your child’s first name and d.o.b. so
that we can call you back. If you want that call at a certain time, please state in your
email what time(s) would be best.  Please note the urgency as we would like to
confirm all arrangements before the end of July.
Yours Sincerely

Eleanor Furmidge
01983 821000 Ext. 6795