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Career Chats – Ryde Barber Shop

On Thursday as part of our Career’s Education we held a Virtual Question and Answer session with Joy Butcher from Ryde Barber Shop.

Students from KS4 and 6th Form asked Joy some really interesting questions about her job via Zoom, despite some technical difficulties!

How long have you been a barber for?

I have been barbering for 25 years now.

What year did you start? 

I began in 1994.

What is the highest number of haircuts you’ve done in a day?

36- it was a Sunday at the end of the school holidays!

What is the best part of your job?

The best bit is being able to make people feel good about themselves.

What subjects do you use in your job?

I use Science as I have to mix chemicals and Maths, taking money and working out angles for haircuts.

How did you start?

I did an apprenticeship for 2 years.

What time do you work?

I usually work form 9-5.

How has Covid affected you?

I have been in furlough since March so haven’t been able to work since then.

What is the most popular haircut at the moment?

The Essex cut- longer on top, shaved at the sides.

Have you ever had an accident whilst cutting someone’s hair?

No, but I have seen someone else accidently shave too much off before!