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Message from Island Roads

Upcoming kerbing repairs due to take place along Watergate Road, Newport between Whitepit
Lane and Chatfield Lodge. These works are currently scheduled to take place from Monday
25th January 2021 under a 24-hour road closure for approximately three weeks. In order to
maintain access to the school during weekdays, we will be allowing buses, school taxis, parents
etc. access via the north entrance to Watergate Road between 08:00 – 09:15 and 14:30 –
15:30. Outside of these times, this access will not be possible. The road closure at all times will
be between Whitepit Lane and Chatfield Lodge. Parking restrictions will also be necessary and
any areas with restrictions will be indicated by no waiting cones.
For safety reasons it will also be necessary to revert the two-way system into one-way along
Nunnery Lane between Marvel Lane and Whitcombe Road, and Marvel Lane between Sandy
Lane and Watergate Road. Therefore, traffic will flow in a south-east to north-west direction
whilst the closure is in place. Additionally, three-way traffic lights will be erected along Shide
roundabout during these works.
We would ask that those requiring access to the school keep an eye on the yellow advanced
warning boards that will be placed either end of the road and updated should there be any date or duration changes.

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