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The Great Big Art Exhibition

The Great Big Art Exhibition is a national exhibition that
everybody is invited to take part. Firstsite would like you
to join them to help make the largest exhibition ever

                                  ‘While the doors to our museums and galleries are shut, let’s unleash our national flair and creativity. Using our front windows, gardens or balconies to display what we make’.

Lots of artists have been lined up to offer inspiration over the coming weeks.

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Artists involved are Antony Gormley, Etel Adnan and Simone Fattal, Anish Kapoor, Tai Shani, Jeremy Deller, David Shrigley, Sonia Boyce and Ai Weiwei – who will choose a different theme each fortnight.

Animals – Jan 28th till February 12th
The opening theme, chosen by Antony Gormley, is animals.


Your artwork can be made through any medium – including, but not limited to painting, sculpture, drawing, video, performance, photography or collage. You can work on your own, as a household, devise collaborations with your friends, work colleagues, team members, tower block, street, school, or place of worship. Anything goes. Please remember to be Covid-safe and to follow the guidance when collaborating.

Full details can be found online at gov.uk/coronavirus


Display your artwork. This could be on the inside of your window facing out, inside your home to be photographed for social media, or in your garden or outdoor space where it can be seen by other people if possible. Please be careful when installing your artwork and get the help of a responsible adult wherever possible.


Take a photograph of your artwork and share with us on your chosen social media channels. If you are under the age of 13 and don’t have a social media account, ask your parent or guardian to share for you. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #thegreatbigartexhibition2021 and tag us using the handles below:

Facebook: @firstsite

Twitter: @firstsite

Instagram: @firstsitecolchester

When sharing please tell us your name, the closest town or city to where you live, and provide a one sentence description of your artwork. You can also make a short (30 second) video or audio clip of your description if you’d prefer.

Visit the Firstsite website to take a look at the artworks shared so far

and be inspired to make your own. www.firstsite.uk