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School uniform

Since returning from the last lock down we have noticed that some students are not wearing the proper school uniform. We are very flexible in school but we do have a uniform and students in Key Stage 3 and 4 should be wearing it please. This is:

  • White, black or ‘Days of the Week’ coloured polo shirt. They do not have to have the school logo on
  • Black or grey trousers/skirt
  • School sweatshirt or black/grey jumper or cardigan
  • Strictly no hoodies or any garment with a hood
  • Sensible flat shoes with closed toes
  • A number of our girls have started wearing leggings to school as part of their school uniform. We are happy for this to continue but would ask parents to be mindful that the leggings are not see through and too revealing i.e. underwear should not be visible or should be covered by a tunic or longer top

Thanks in anticipation of your support of St. George’s School in this matter.