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World of Work

Through our World of Work curriculum, 11A have been working hard across the Dragon area this year. They have developed their team work, planning and team communication skills by independently undertaking development and maintenance work on the Forest School area, supporting with ground clearance and maintenance work, repairing crumbling cement and planning planting for the seasons. Through this work, they have also cared for a vegetable bed in the poly tunnel, measuring temperatures and carefully selecting plants that would grow in the conditions over the cooler months. Last week, after patiently waiting and checking weekly, they decided that the carrots and garlic were ready for harvest. They used the carrots to make delicious carrot muffins with their Food Technology teacher Kat, which were a great success and a fitting reward for their hard work, planning and team skills development. They hope to make garlic bread with their garlic and home-grown herbs – well done 11A!