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9A’s Swimming Trip

9A’s highlight of the week was to start swimming lessons. We went swimming at Medina Leisure Centre.

Before we went, we were feeling mixed emotions. Some of us were petrified, some worried and some of us were excited. We excitedly hopped onto the minibus where we got to listen to Capital FM on the way.

“As we pulled up at the Leisure Centre my stomach dropped.” (Bailey)

The changing rooms got a bit noisy with all the excitement! We all got into the pool in the end.

“At the start I was really nervous but then I discovered I could actually swim!” (Bailey)

“I was so nervous but after I got in the pool for a couple of minutes it wasn’t so bad at all.” (Sarah, who even went under water!)

“We did different strokes. My favourite stroke was front stroke.” (Robbie)

“I slipped over and hurt my arm but I still enjoyed it.” (Tyrone)                                                               

We are all looking forward to going again next week.