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Careers Talk by Jay Osborne

On Monday, we had a phenomenal Zoom call from Jay Osborne who is a musician, actor and photographer who spoke to us about how his hobbies have turned into an amazing career.

Jay was only 7 when he started playing the guitar and was inspired by his grandmother who used to play rock n’ roll, rhythm and blues and soul music such as Elvis Presley and Carl Perkins

He was born on the Isle of Wight but when he was 15, he moved to Southampton.

When he was older, he began to play and sing in bands and has worked with bands such as Blink 182 and Goldie Looking Chain.

He talked to us about his career journey and how he got to be doing what he does, which was really inspiring. He talked about the mistakes he had made throughout his career and how this helped him to learn and improve and said that we should never give up and persevere when we are finding things difficult.

He has worked all over the world,  on cruise ships and playing lead guitar in stage shows and musicals. He has also appeared in adverts, done voice overs and narrated audio books. He has written lots of songs and is going to be releasing an EP with his band The Big Three.

We asked lots of questions and at the end of the session, he played his guitar and sang, which was amazing!

By 11B