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Year 11 and 6th Form Mock interviews

Last week 54 students from across Year 11 and 6th Form took part in mock interviews as part of our World of Work curriculum.

This was an exciting opportunity to help them prepare for life and develop their self –confidence when applying for college courses and jobs.

In order to prepare, they took part in workshops in which they learned how to write a C.V and cover letter and gave them advice on how to present themselves at interview.

All of the students were given a range of ‘job applications’ to choose from and then were interviewed via Zoom as if they were applying for that job.

The panel included members of the Senior Leadership Team at St George’s, members of the Governing Body and volunteers from local businesses, who were all very impressed with the way the students conducted themselves.

Students were given feedback and a chance to ask any questions about interviews in general.

Student comments included, ‘I think it’s a really good way of preparing students for future interviews they may have one day’ and  ‘They were great preparation for real interviews.’

Thank you very much to all of the students and volunteers who made this possible – it was a fantastic week and we are so proud of our young people.