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Police Visit

On Monday 25th March, Sergeant Winchester (Charlie) visited Sixth Form 3. We have been learning about different stereotypes in our RSHE lessons. Before we saw Sergeant Winchester, we described him as male, tall, muscular and scary. Sergeant Winchester is 31 years old and coming up to his 11th year working in the police force.

During the visit, Sergeant Winchester showed us the equipment on his vest such as a body camera, radio, taser, pepper spray and quick release handcuffs. He allowed us to hold the vest to see how heavy it was and told us it weighs just under a stone! Sergeant Winchester then showed us a PowerPoint about the job he does, which is how he plans a ‘search and rescue operation’.

After the PowerPoint, Sergeant Winchester answered some questions. One of them was “Has someone ever said something to you that offended you?” His reply was “No, because they are not saying that to Charlie they are saying it to a Police Officer”.

Before Sergeant Winchester left Sixth Form, he took us to look at his police car where he showed us the equipment that is required in the vehicle; this included six cones, police sign, shovel and a broom. However, little do new officers know that the broom is extendable. Sergeant Winchester also showed us a special tool to stop speeding cars called a stinger and after that, he allowed us to turn the siren on and off.
By Valerie