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Wight Link

On Tuesday 30th April, the Travel and Tourism group and a few extra students had a fantastic opportunity to go on the Wightlink ferry from Fishbourne to Portsmouth and back, completely free.

Captain Tom and his team very kindly let us go up to the bridge and see how they control everything on the ship and to ask questions about the ship and about how Captain Tom got to where he is today.

It was really fascinating to see how much they have to monitor and had the chance to sit in the Captain’s chair up front on the Victoria of Wight.

It was a great day out and everyone enjoyed themselves, especially Connor as you can see from the picture. We learned a lot about what happens on board Wightlink. It was very interesting to hear about the long service of many of their staff team.

We could not have had this opportunity without Karen Woods who was showing us around, Scott Harvey of Wightlink and Captain Tom Bills who showed us the bridge and all of the controls.

A special thank you from the Travel and Tourism group and from Heather Fairclough.

By Charlie