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Beach cleaning

On Tuesdays this half term, KS4-4 have been going to Sandown and Shanklin Beach. The beach was very nice.

We did some tally work on recycling and upcycling. Every time we picked up some rubbish, we added a tally mark to our clipboard. This was a competition to see who could pick up the most to win reward slips! We also upcycled sea glass to use it for our arts & crafts sessions.

I enjoyed doing the tally because I worked out how many I have. We went there because we needed to pick up some rubbish off the sand. We did this to keep the beaches clean so that people and fish are safe.

We had lots of fun working as a team on the beach. I can’t wait to be going back to the beach next term!

By Jayden

Every Tuesday, KS4-4 have been going to the beach in Sandown and Shanklin.

At the beach, we went litter picking to help the environment. It was amazing and we had ice cream.
The beach had lots of rubbish that KS4-4 had to pick up and we picked up shells stones and sea glass to put in a picture frame.

We had a competition to see who could collect the most rubbish and we did some recycling.

Zoe Divers, our teacher, had planned the beach trips until May half term but we will keep going next term as we really enjoyed it.

By Robbie