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Prom 2024

We had a tropical paradise prom last Friday. It was held at the Quay Arts, which was decorated in a tropical theme with tropical food as well. It was a memorable time for everyone who attended the event, we had the entertainment of karaoke and Jamie was the amazing D.J.

For the leavers, the night was very special because they have to say one last big goodbye to the class team. We had different nominations for different categories, such as; best dancer, best hair, best singer, best shoes, best tropical and formal outfit. The winners were presented with a certificate and we had our own formal photograph taken.
One of the best entertainment pieces of the night was Chloe signing Photograph by Ed Sheeran. Over 30 staff helped to set up the beautiful night and there was some great dancing by all. Some of the delicious food we had included melons and piña colada cupcakes and we also had colourful Class of 2024 wrist bands, bubbles and lastly garlands with matching flower hair clips.

Overall, everyone who went said they enjoyed it and we are very grateful for all the hard work that the students and teachers put in. The people who are leaving said that they will never forget the night.

By Nikita and Mary