Every week, on a Thursday morning, a group of 6th Form students travel to Vectis Radio to create some podcasts of a topic of their choice, to present on the Vectis Radio Website.

It originally started with the help of Marion Hartley (our old work experience coordinator) and Ian Mac who is the instructor for the Vectis Radio 4Ps Team. They formed the Vectis Radio Dragons, and this year the members were, Liam C, Dan H, Sam B, Finn P and Chloe C.

The Vectis Dragons also spoke live every Thursday as well as making a podcast based on their own particular topic or another topic, frequently football, history or cooking. The Vectis Dragons also talked about a series of different activities that they do outside of St George’s or inside of St George’s. Most recently, they have talked about their next steps, The IOW Festival and recent trips out that they have done.

There has also been a couple of Vectis Radio outside podcasts that the Vectis Radio Dragons have done; they did their podcasts live and gave St George’s students and staff the opportunity to speak on air.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed in giving the Vectis Dragons the opportunity to take part in Vectis Radio and getting the work experience that we can use in our future lives.

Liam, Sam and Chloe