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COVID – 19 Update:

St. George’s School currently closed as an education establishment as per the guidance of the Government in the light of the Corona Virus Pandemic. From Monday 23rd of March, we will provide an emergency child care facility for the most vulnerable and children of key workers. The safest place for a young person is their home in most cases and we expect all but the most vulnerable to stay at home to adhere to the guidance of social distancing and shielding. I thank you for your understanding and wish all the best to you and your family.

Keep safe and well.
Sue Holman

Key workers

Schools are being asked to run an emergency service to try and keep the nation operating for key workers.

There will be no expectation that all the children of these key workers have to attend school. Many parents will make alternative arrangements for childcare and their wishes will be respected.

Vulnerable groups

In addition to the children of key workers we are also being asked to provide a service to vulnerable children. Again, there will be no requirement for parents of these children to ensure attendance. The list of vulnerable groups has been defined as:

This latter point needs clarifying particularly for those working in a special school context. For many children with an EHCP in special schools it will be far safer if they self-isolate for medical reasons. We know our children well and we would ask you to work in partnership with us to identify which children would benefit from remaining in school and those for whom it would be better to remain at home.

Home to School Transport

The County Council will continue to make home to school transport available to those children that are eligible to receive it. In some instances that require some changes to be made which may take a little time. We would ask you to bear with us.


We will remain open for the Easter period for those students outlined above.

On-line materials

For those children that are not attending school we will provide links to on-line materials that parents can access. Hard copies of work will only be sent home when absolutely necessary to prevent cross-contamination and the requirement for school staff to go to the post office.

Annual Reviews and School Meetings

Annual Reviews, Child In Need Meetings (CIN), Personal Education Plan (PEP) meetings and Looked After Children (LAC) meetings: These meetings will not take place in school until further notice. The Annual Review Officer will call you at the time the Annual Review meeting was scheduled to take place and discuss. School staff will consult you on the other meetings.

Best wishes,

Sue Holman

Together We Achieve

Welcome to
St George’s
Special School

In the community of St George’s School everyone is considered as an individual and is valued equally. Everyone is made to feel welcome and has a voice.

Our school is a safe place to achieve, have fun and to develop skills towards individual, informed paths as we leave school and move forward in life. We learn to make choices for now and the future and to become as independent and self-sufficient as possible taking our place in society as part of Modern Britain. 

We do our personal best and celebrate our achievements however large or small. As a team we experience the world and work towards achieving our goals and dreams and being the best we can be.

Our Mission

High standards are achieved through high expectations, robust target setting and high attendance

Staff, students and stakeholders alike treat each other with tolerance, compassion and respect.

St. George’s practises a Total Communication approach valuing and listening to all

Personal, social, moral,
spiritual and cultural


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