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COVID – 19 Update:

Dear students and families,

We are currently planning for September and hopefully a full re-opening of the school, as long as guidance allows us to do so. We have been considering the best way to support young people with this transition either in coming back to school and for those joining us for the first time. We fully recognise that the COVID 19 Pandemic may have had a profound effect on your family and your child so I wanted to share with you our plans.

Mental Health has been defined as ‘A positive sense of well-being which enables an individual to be able to function in society and meet the demands of everyday life; people in good mental health have the ability to recover effectively from illness, change or misfortune’ (Mental Health Foundation 2005). It is our duty as a school to support mental wealth as an anxious child is not a learning child. We aim to promote:

(Carpenter, Happe and Egerton 2019)

Despite being supported with home learning, those young people who have not been accessing school will have experienced the ‘five losses of routine, structure, friendship, opportunity and freedom’[1] described by Professor Barry carpenter in his think piece A Recovery Curriculum:  Loss and Life for our children and schools post pandemic, through their time out of school and, as they now begin to return to school in greater numbers their well-being and attendance will need to be encouraged and supported though a graduated response. As attendance grows, the curriculum offer at St. George’s School will by necessity grow and change. Young people at whatever developmental level will be supported to:

across the social, emotional, personal and academic curricula of the school, and achieve the objectives and outcomes expected for them.

All of our learners will need a holistic recovery, some may need a focused recovery intervention programme, personalised to their needs; others may need a deeper and longer lasting recovery period, enabling a fuller exploration of the severity of their trauma and emergent attachment issues.

In moving through the recovery phase and beyond we will consider the following key points in our planning, development, and delivery of our ‘recovery’ curriculum:

I hope you can see that an awful lot of preparation and risk assessing has taken place to ensure we can minimise risk to students and staff alike. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to safe working practice as students, families and staff are always at the forefront of all we do. We have developed a COVID 19 handbook which is in it’s early stages and will need updating every time guidance changes but I wanted to share it with you so you can see how we are working to keep everyone safe.

Click on the link below to take a look.

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Home Learning

Thank you all for your support at this difficult time. Also, thank you to those staff in school for putting themselves “on the line” every week, making sure children are happy and engaged and well looked after.

Best wishes,

Sue Holman

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In the community of St George’s School everyone is considered as an individual and is valued equally. Everyone is made to feel welcome and has a voice.

Our school is a safe place to achieve, have fun and to develop skills towards individual, informed paths as we leave school and move forward in life. We learn to make choices for now and the future and to become as independent and self-sufficient as possible taking our place in society as part of Modern Britain. 

We do our personal best and celebrate our achievements however large or small. As a team we experience the world and work towards achieving our goals and dreams and being the best we can be.

Our Mission

High standards are achieved through high expectations, robust target setting and high attendance

Staff, students and stakeholders alike treat each other with tolerance, compassion and respect.

St. George’s practises a Total Communication approach valuing and listening to all

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spiritual and cultural


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