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Wight Blue Sky Arts, is based in Wootton and provides arts based activities for adults and children with learning difficulties. This includes drama, craft, cooking and horticulture.

Wootton Centre
MondayCreative Cooking – Make, Bake, Decorate and Eat!
TuesdayDance and Creative Movement – Supporting coordination and physical expression
WednesdayDrama – Building confidence and self-expression
ThursdayArt – Design and Product development
FridayExpressive Art – Puppets, Props, Masks and Exhibitions
SaturdayActing up – Teenage Drama Club (1:30pm – 4:30pm)
Saturday Buddy Club – 1 to 1 Support with Transport (1:00pm – 5:00pm)
Quarr Site
MondayGrowing Together Project Task Force – Land Development
TuesdayGardening and Produce Development – Know your onions!
WednesdayGrowing Together Project – Developing the land, produce and creative products
ThursdayGrowers Hut – Stocks and Sales
FridayGrowers Hut – Stocks and Sales


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