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Work Experience and Supported Internships

Work experience is an important part of our study programme in Key Stage 4 and 5. We relate and give accreditation to the work-related learning within the curriculum.

Marion Hartley is our Work Experience Coordinator at St George’s.

In KS4, students who have aspirations in hospitality, construction, hair and beauty, sports coaching or car and bike maintenance benefit by learning  more about these areas through additional sessions given within our onsite facilities by specialist staff, some of which lead to further accreditation.

This provides students with the opportunity to understand the world of work and make further links to functional skills such as English and Maths. Gaining these workplace skills, such as communicating with a variety of different people, teamwork and independence, in turn, increases students’ confidence.

Work Experience in class base 

We encourage all students to undertake work experience in their classroom base, known as ‘Student Responsibilities’. 

Roles might include; Admin Assistant – Each morning collect all the home-school books in, updating the classroom date and visual timetable. At the end of each day give out home-school books, take down classroom date and visual timetable.

Classroom Assistant – In the morning organise the classroom tables and put all the chairs out. At the end of each day stack chairs, wipe down the tables and whiteboard, turn off the computers and ensure mouse, mouse mats and keyboards are put away tidily. 

Catering Assistant – At break time, decide the snack options you are going to offer and put the symbol on the snack display, set the table, take snack and drink requests, prepare food and drinks and serve everyone. 

Kitchen Assistant – After snack time clear and clean the table, wash and dry the dishes, clean and tidy the kitchen. Put any leftover food and drinks away.

Work Experience at School

Students have the opportunity to undertake work experience within school in positions such as ICT assistant, Art assistant or Assistant Sports Coaches, Some of our students apply and are interviewed before gaining the position to enhance their employability skills. Students are encouraged to reflect on their work experience and keep a learning log.

Supported Internships

Supported Internships give students in KS5, opportunities to access work experience with the primary goal that it will lead to an apprenticeship or paid future employment. Supported Internships can range in length from one to five days a week. Typically, students would start at one day week and build up from there.

Students will follow the 6th Form curriculum when not on placement. Whilst most of our

KS4 and 5 students already go on work experience, Supported Internships are one step beyond this and would form part of their whole year educational programme.

Another key difference from work experience is that the possibility of the placement

becoming a paid job or apprenticeship is clearly discussed at the beginning with the

employer. Even where these opportunities do not materialise, there are obvious

benefits to the student with regard to their future career as they will have developed a wealth of transferrable skills, knowledge and experience. We aim to place students within Support Internships which align with their career aspirations depending on access, opportunities and availability of placements. Students will have a Job Coach who will get the Support Internship set up and ensure that students are fully inducted into their role. The Job Coach will support the student throughout their placement but depending on students’ abilities, this support will reduce as students become more and more familiar with their role, increasing their independence and preparing them for adulthood.

Work Experience at Vectis Radio

We work in partnership with Vectis Radio in order to provide opportunities for our students to complete work experience within the radio station as part of the 4Ps project. The idea is to build confidence and improve communication skills using the main four ingredients of radio. These are presenting, production, promoting and podcasting.

Students undertake roles such as writing programmes, broadcasting and producing shows. Students are encouraged to reflect on their work experience and keep a learning log.

Work Experience in the local community

Students identified in KS4 and 5, who have developed their employability skills, are invited to have a meeting with Marion Hartley, our work experience coordinator to discuss their interests and aspirations. They then undertake a real-life supported work experience placement within the local community. We have had students placed in local charity shops, primary school, cafes and retail shops. This allows students to enhance the skills developed within the school environment and move students forward to becoming work ready; achieving paid employment, apprenticeships and internships. Students are encouraged to reflect on their work experience and keep a learning log.