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Pupil Premium

St George’s is a generic special school for students with a wide range of disabilities and learning difficulties. Students at St George’s encounter a range of barriers associated with their Special Educational Need and Disability. This can be linked to the curriculum and attainment as well as emotional / social development.

All students at St George’s are vulnerable and their needs are well met at school to ensure that expected progress, or better, is made. Data is scrutinised rigorously to identify any student at St George’s who is not making expected progress and appropriate interventions are implemented to support individuals and groups of students.

St George’s recognise the value of using strategies and resources linked to Pupil Premium funding with all groups where there is a gap in attainment in order to give targeted relevant support to move students on. Pupil Premium is used effectively to support interventions and individual needs, however it is also used to invest in staff training to ensure impact to the wider population.

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