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Positive Behaviour at St. George’s

St. George’s Reward System

As you may know, we have had our very successful reward system in place for a few years now, in which any member of staff can award a reward slip to any student who is demonstrating our school values.

We hold a weekly Reward Slip shop in which students will be able to exchange their slips for prizes or choose to save towards a larger value item. Students can also choose to pool together their slips with others in school towards buying equipment for use in school that they have requested – this time a large football target net.

There are a variety of items available such as fidget toys and pop-its, footballs, gift vouchers, art sets, and board games and as the students themselves have had input into the prizes available, hopefully there will be something to motivate everyone!

Please click on the link to view the latest catalogue.

Pro-Act SCIP-r

At St George’s we promote positive behaviour support which includes the use of PROACT-SCIPr-UK® and our Positive Behaviour Support Policy. All staff working at our school received regular training from our in-house instructors.

 PROACT-SCIPr-UK®was developed and implemented by Marion Cornick, during her time as Principal of The Loddon School®, to enable the students to lead a fulfilling life.

Soon the amazing responses from The Loddon School’s students were being seen by others outside of the school and the obvious benefits that this approach was having.  This led to requests and recommendations to supply training in the PROACT-SCIPr-UK® approach throughout the UK.

Marion understood that each person had different needs and not just as a child but that those needs continued into adulthood.  Loddon Training & Consultancy was created in the early 1990s delivering training not only to teachers, parents, and carers but also organisations supporting adults.

At St George’s School, we start by identifying the reasons behind students’ behaviour. We believe that behaviour is a form of communication and our experience of working with a diverse range of students shows that behaviours of concern result from not being able to communicate their wants and needs effectively.  Our approach identifies distress early and we respond positively, in a proactive and non-restrictive way.  We only ever teach supportive physical interventions when it is essential to safety and as a last resort.

This proactive approach comes from the PROACT-SCIPr-UK® philosophy.   It is based on evidence and values and takes the ‘whole-person approach’ to support people whose behaviour can be of concern and in turn, can restrict their own lives and independence.

This positive approach gives our students independence and self-control, which supports them to live a fulfilling life.