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St. George’s 6th Form

The Sixth Form curriculum seeks to provide for the needs of Students transitioning into Adulthood.


To help to prepare our students for adult life, developing personal qualities, recognising skills and achievements, dealing with changing relationships, developing the ability to make choices and manage changing circumstances, learning about the community.

To encourage and challenge each student to perform as well as he/she can. There is increased flexibility in the curriculum offered and the timetable is constructed around individual curriculum pathways.

To make the Sixth form a source of positive support in helping students plan and prepare for the future. There is a strong emphasis on communication, independence and the acquisition of Life Skills.

Courses and Accreditation:

Students build on and extend knowledge and skills. Their work can receive     accreditation, awards or qualifications through the following courses: St George’s Bespoke quality Mark

Programmes accredited through LASER Learning:

LASER Learning, Employability, and Progression Qualification:

Functional Skills Maths and English are offered to Level 2, and various ASDAN Award qualifications.  In addition to these, we run a variety of Vocational courses, which are accredited, at an appropriate level for the student.

Vocational Learning:

These include: Hair and Beauty, Horticulture, Construction, Car Maintenance, Art, Hospitality, Sports Leaders, Animal Care, Performing Arts, Computing, Childcare, Core Fitness, Media Studies on a rotational basis across 3 years.

Each of these awards develop, assess and accredit key skills, recognise students’ personal achievements and help them build their Progress Files.

New for 2021 – Health and Social Care

The Health and Social Care Course is designed to give students a good grounding in basic Health and Social Care and prepare them for a higher level course when they move on to Further Education. 

Where possible the course will be linked to work experience within a Health and Social Care setting to reinforce the students’ learning in school.

The course will be accredited through LASER Quality Mark from Bronze level through to Platinum Level and Students will be expected to engage fully with the course in order to achieve their accreditation.

External Providers:

This is preparing for post-school and varies for individual students. Some can include work placements in the community or school. This helps them to make decisions and prepare for possible future employment. The experience also develops their life skills. For other students it is developing daily living, recreational and leisure skills.

Transition to Community Services

Students are able to make visits to: The Riverside Centre, Haylands Farm, Way Forward and The Phoenix Centre. In this way, they can make more informed choices regarding their futures.


In their final year, Students are able to attend transition visits offered by Pathways or Foundations. These offer an introduction to their chosen college course in a supported manner. 


A range of activities are available to enable students to acquire purposeful leisure interests and these can be accredited throughout the Award Schemes.

Activities on offer include: Involvement with St George’s ‘Dragon’ project working with a diverse range of other students and residential activities.  We have steadily built our range of internal opportunities to meet the range of abilities and interests of our students.


St. George’s 6th Form Careers Introduction Video

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