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Dear families, I wanted to clarify how we are organising the school to ensure we are able to stay open for as many students as possible whilst staying safe during the pandemic. Classes in KS3 and 4 are organised into individual bubbles and will stay that way for the majority of the time. There is always a risk that if we have a number of staff absent in one class it will no longer be safe to function. For this reason and to avoid having to contact families at very short notice of a class closure, we are calling the whole key stage a bubble so that if we meet a situation where a class is unsafe to run, we will borrow a staff member from within the key stage. In this case all adults in the room would be required to wear masks at all times and to follow stricter hygiene rules as science shows us transmission of Covid 19 is more likely between adults rather than between an adult and a student. Students would not be required to do anything differently. This adjustment would enable us to avoid class closures. KS5 already work as a single bubble as they would not be able to attend Options any other way. I hope this puts your mind at rest that we are trying to avoid closures at short notice but are still holing the safety of all in the school as a priority.

Welcome to
St George’s
Special School

In the community of St George’s School everyone is considered as an individual and is valued equally. Everyone is made to feel welcome and has a voice.

Our school is a safe place to achieve, have fun and to develop skills towards individual, informed paths as we leave school and move forward in life. We learn to make choices for now and the future and to become as independent and self-sufficient as possible taking our place in society as part of Modern Britain. 

We do our personal best and celebrate our achievements however large or small. As a team we experience the world and work towards achieving our goals and dreams and being the best we can be.

Our Mission

High standards are achieved through high expectations, robust target setting and high attendance

Staff, students and stakeholders alike treat each other with tolerance, compassion and respect.

St. George’s practises a Total Communication approach valuing and listening to all

Personal, social, moral,
spiritual and cultural


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Designated Safeguarding Leads:
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Dave Piggott Safeguarding Governor

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