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Bad Weather

In the event of an emergency occurring, or in severe weather conditions, the decision about whether to close the school is made by the Headteacher in consultation with the Chair of Governors. It is policy on the Island not to declare a blanket closure. It is based on local conditions, and often depends on whether enough teachers and support staff have been able to get to the school to ensure student safety.


Once the report of a school closure has been notified, the information will be passed to the council’s Media Relations Team. The Media Relations team will contact all local media and will regularly update a school closures list on the www.iwight.com website and on the council’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  The school will also use their text service to send a message directly to families advising of the closure so please ensure we have your up to date contact details.

Inclement Weather: School In Session

In the event of inclement weather occurring whilst the school is in session, it is for the Headteacher to decide whether and when, in the interests of safety and welfare of children, it is necessary to close the school and make arrangements to get the children home. The Local Authority will inform the media and arrange for the information to be added on the iwight.com website. St Georges school will liaise directly with families in this context.